Floral Candles by Eri

It is often said that Japanese artisans produce exquisite and delicate works of art. Be it in pottery, woodworking, painting, fabrics or works in wax.

This is certainly the case with floral candle artist, Eri from Nara, Japan. A professionally trained exquisite candle artist, Eri studied at the Candle Vida, Osaka School Special Artist Training Program after her graduation from Art University, she became an exquisite candle artist certified by the Art Candle Association in 2014.

"The delicate flame of my passion for candle making flickered to life when a college friend gifted me a mesmerizing doughnut-shaped candle on my birthday. Its intricate design and warm glow enchanted me, igniting a newfound curiosity. As fate would have it, I discovered that my friend was a skilled candle artisan, generously sharing her craft. Thus began my clandestine rendezvous with wax, wick, and creativity—a dance of light and shadow in the quiet corners of my spare hours."

Since then, Eri has been working on and perfecting her floral candle creations, focusing on floral and decorative figurines creating life-like and functional candles that will adorn and delight any space. In addition to crafting beautiful, one-of-a kind candles, Eri also teaches her candle craft at her private studio.

" Within the delicate embrace of transparent candle wax, I find a canvas for my soul’s expression. Each flicker of flame becomes a brushstroke, revealing my unique perspective of beauty—the interplay of light and shadow, the ethereal dance of translucence. In crafting candles, I mold not just wax but fragments of my essence, infusing them with luminescence and wonder."

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