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As the founder of House Of Shokunin, I sincerely thank you and am thrilled that you have taken time to explore our curated collections created by true Japanese artisans - Shokunin (職人).

In Japan, Shokunin are known for their meticulous attention to detail and deeply devoted craftsmanship in the creation of beautiful and unique works of art and craft.  The Shokunin are an important part of Japan’s cultural heritage and continue to inspire new generations of artisans & craftsmen around the world.

Curating your artisanal treasures made in Japan

Born and raised near Tokyo, Japan. Living in California has been amazing - but it has also provided perspective, providing me a deep and rich connection with the traditions and culture of Japan through its arts, where in the precision and delicacy of the Shokunin mesmerize and shine through.

Through House Of Shokunin, I hope to share the joy and discovery of these inspiring creations with you, and to support these Japanese artisans & craftsmen to ensure the Shokunin culture expands & grows ever more beautiful and vibrant.

Come back to visit us periodically, as we will continue to add new artisans and their collections from time to time.

Founder and Curator of House Of Shokunin

 Hanako M

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